Coming Home Issues

Recent conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere require a new approach to address the needs of those serving, veterans, and their families. In order to effectively resolve these needs, a comprehensive policy is required to prioritize and implement legislative, administrative, and funding initiatives. Click here to view the pdf version of the VMFP proactive approach.

VMFP proposes the establishment of a privately funded National Veteran and Military Family Savings Bond Program to cover increasing treatment costs of severe physical and mental injuries to our service men and women that require solutions in specialty areas of plastic surgery, prosthetics, and mental health. It would also pay for the other components of the VMFP national policy for veterans and their families. The proposal would complement existing VA funding. Click here to view the pdf version of the VMFP’s 21st Century approach.

Survivors of Military Suicide Seek Halt To Bias Against Mental Health Treatment (Miranda Kruse)
“Loud curses were ringing from the master bedroom when I got home from work one day. Curious, I opened the bedroom door to find my husband, CPO Jerald Kruse of the United States Navy, standing there alone. That’s when I knew he needed help.

Two years later, after our pleas to medical personnel went unheeded, Jerald went to the back yard, put a gun to his head, and committed suicide.” Read more


Coming Home Issues

After Thomas returned from Vietnam, he had trouble sleeping, problems with alcohol, and his personal and professional relationships were impacted. He didn’t recognize he had symptoms of depression, but when other Veterans reached out and inspired him, Thomas went to VA. He was able to get the support he needed to turn his life around.

After Alan was discharged from the Navy, he felt he needed to talk about his experiences, but people around him didn’t want to hear about his time in Vietnam. He had nightmares, and he started drinking heavily. Feeling hopeless, he tried to harm himself. A social worker connected him to a VA PTSD program, and he turned his life around.


Issues related to asbestos exposure:

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Mesothelioma Center

Mesothelioma Group