Is Veterans & Military Families for Progress a partisan group?
No, we are non-partisan.

Why did VMFP start?
We are filling a need in the veterans community for active involvement in politics. We will educate voters, politicians and the general public, and advocate for veteran and military family issues.

Is VMFP a Congressionally Chartered Veterans’ Service Organization?
No. We are a VA-Recognized organization, chartered to be of service to veterans, service members and their families – by working for their benefits and rights through politics from the grassroots level up to the national level.

If you are veterans, why do you have military families in your name?
We recognize that no veteran becomes a veteran alone. There is always some family member supporting us somewhere. We also recognize that the active duty military cannot advocate for themselves, so we wish to recognize and welcome the family members of active-duty, Guard and Reserve personnel to speak for them.

Do you have a board?
We have a Board of Directors elected by the general membership to govern and guide this organization in its formation and its mission. Board members – women and men – are from many states, coast to coast.

What kind of organization are you and how are you different from other veterans organizations?
VMFP is a legally filed 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation in the District of Columbia. We are different from other veterans organizations in that this allows us to educate, advocate, and engage in the political process. The only thing we can’t do as an organization is give money to a candidate as an organization. Other veterans organizations are 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19), so they are restricted from being actively involved in the political process – such as endorsing and campaigning for a candidate. Our legal structure is very similar to most unions. And unlike with most traditional VSOs, family members can and do take on leadership roles in the organization.

How do I reach VMFP?
See our Contacts page,  email us via contact form or you can also mail us us at:

Veterans and Military Families for Progress
PO Box 66353
Washington, DC 20035
Phone: 202-841-1687