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U.S. Representatives announce bipartisan Veterans Congressional Caucus Fellowship Program

April 10, 2014

U.S. Representatives announce bipartisan Veterans Congressional Caucus Fellowship Program

Veterans and Military Families for Progress fully supports the Veterans Fellowship Program established by the House of Representatives Veterans Congressional Fellowship Caucus this week.  The mission of the Caucus is to increase the number of veterans working on Capitol Hill.

Mike Michaud (D-ME-2) said “I joined my colleagues Reps. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5), Don Young (R-AK), and Bill Enyart (D-IL-12) a little while ago to announce the formation of the Veterans Congressional Fellowship Caucus. This new program will help more veterans find work on Capitol Hill. We’ll benefit from having more veterans in the halls of Congress, and I know this program will ensure more of the honorable men and women who have given much to our country can continue public service.

Michaud states, “Our veterans make incredible sacrifices for our country, and we have a responsibility to do everything we can to help these honorable men and women transition into the civilian workforce,”

As U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5) put it “Our veterans are some of the most skilled workers our country has to offer.  They are leaders who have been tested under pressure and will be tremendous assets to Congressional offices.”

Based on a recent survey Hillvets projected that, out of 6,060 staff jobs in Congressional offices, only 178 are veterans.  Congressman Young said “When I first took the oath of office in 1973, nearly three-fourths of Congress—both House and Senate—was made up of veterans; now it’s barely 20%…I am proud to help found this new veteran fellowship program…and hope it encourages our nation’s veterans to become more actively involved in our political system.”

VMFP is working with the House and Senate to draft legislation qualifying this program under the GI Bill for the 21st Century and allowing participants to earn scholastic credit and collect a stipend during the course of this program.  We will also be working with Student Veterans of America to help promote this cause and lead the way for veterans to get good paying jobs in government.

VMFP vigorously endorses the Veterans Fellowship Program and enthusiastically encourages veterans to participate. Veterans accepted for this program will be hands on participants in the legislative process, gaining valuable experience for a future in government and private sector employment. This program is win – win – win for veterans, military families, and the country.

Below is the link to begin the application process.  We want to encourage all veterans or active duty servicepersons interested in being a part of the government process to apply as soon as possible. The program will accept participants this summer.

VMFP endorses Ed Markey

Washington, DC:

Veterans and Military Families for Progress endorses Congressman Edward Markey in the Massachusetts Special Election for the United States Senate.


Veterans and Military Families for Progress ( enthusiastically and proudly endorses Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey in the upcoming special election for the United States Senate.

Markey is a strong supporter of our nation’s veterans and active armed forces.  While serving in Congress Mr. Markey has clearly demonstrated his determination to work on behalf of our nation’s veterans.  Congressman Markey’s strong commitment to the issues that are critical to veterans, those serving now, and their families is unsurpassed.  His public support for priority funding of the Veterans Administration and his declared determination to provide for the establishment of a national veterans and military family policy give all veterans and their families, especially those in Massachusetts hope that they will continue to have a United States Senator who will vote in such a way as to keep faith with those who have served and sacrificed. His decision to support legislation for improving the treatment of veterans with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD and his deep understanding of the need for providing and guaranteeing full health coverage for National Guard and Reserve personnel demonstrate that he is a candidate who has the character and courage and personal experience to do what is right for those in service to our country


Congressman Markey served in the Army Reserve and has a deep and personal understanding of the issues veterans and their families confront.  Markey believes “we have a sacred obligation to honor and care for our servicemen and women for their bravery and sacrifice.”  He is committed to working in the Senate to challenge the private sector to hire and train unemployed veterans or their spouses and expand tax credits for hiring veterans looking for work.  “On the battlefield,” he says, “the military pledges to leave no soldier behind.  In the Senate, I will work to ensure that when warriors return home, we leave no veteran behind.”


VMFP feels that veterans, active duty, military families, and in fact, all people of Massachusetts will be well-served with Congresswoman Markey’s election to the US Senate and thus ensuring that America remains strong in national defense and in fighting terrorism.


Veterans and Military Families for Progress is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan, not-for-profit veterans organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.  It is a 21st Century organization made up of members located throughout the country, and from across the breadth of rank and military services, who served, are serving, or are family members of those who have heeded the call to serve their country in the U.S. military.


VMFP 2012 Election results

VMFP 2012 Election results

Candidate Endorsement Process – Candidates for national office – from any party – that are identified as veterans, military family members, or veterans’-advocates are sent an inquiry as to their interest in endorsement by VMFP. We make every possible effort to contact all candidates for national office so that, if they respond, we can consider their responses. If they respond affirmatively, they are sent copies of our two campaign questionnaires. Upon return of the questionnaires, completed according to the instructions contained therein, the questionnaires are considered by the Government Affairs Committee to determine whether the candidate’s answers are satisfactorily in alignment with VMFP policy goals. When the committee determines that a candidate’s responses meet our criteria, a recommendation is made to the VMFP board to endorse that candidate. When the board approves, an endorsement letter and press release are sent to the candidate’s campaign.

The following candidates were endorsed for the November 2012 elections
Red indicates successful election result
Candidate State CD Party VMFP Classification
Obama, Barack     D Military Family
Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ 1 D Advocate    
Sinema, Kyrsten AZ 9 D Advocate    
McNerney, JerryCA CA 13 D Military Family
Lee, Otto CA 22 D Veteran
Chen, Jay CA 39 D Veteran
Esty, Elizabeth CT 5 D Military Family    
Murphy, Patrick FL 18 D Military Family
Beaven, Heather FL 6 D Veteran
Gabbard, Tulsi HI 2 D Veteran    
Braley, Bruce IA 1 D Military Family
Vilsack, Christi IA 4 Military Family
Enyart, William IL 12 D Veteran
Anderson, Dennis IL 14 D Advocate
Duckworth, Tammy IL 8 D Veteran
Mullen,Brendan IN 2 D Veteran
Tsongas, Niki MA 5 D Military Family    
Tierney, John MA 6 D Military Family    
Edwards, Donna MD 4 D Military Family    
Delaney, John MD 6 D Advocate    
Michaud, Michael ME 2 D Advocate    
Peters, Gary MI 14 D Military Family    
Walz, Tim MN 1 D Veteran    
Graves, Jim MN 6 D Military Family
Gulleson, Pam ND G D Advocate
Shea-Porter, Carol NH 1 D Military Family    
Kuster,Ann NH 2 D Military Family  
Arnold-Jones, Janice NM 1 R Military Family
Horsford, Steven NV 4 D Advocate    
Titus, Dina NV 1 D Advocate    
Owens, Bill NY 21 D Veteran    
Maffei, Dan NY 25 D Military Family  
Hocul, Kathy NY 27 D Advocate
Critz, Mark PA 12 D Military Family
Maggi, Larry PA 18 D Military Family
Eaton, Missa PA 3 D Military Family
Cook, Adam VA 1 D Veteran
Powell, Wayne VA 7 D Veteran
Kilmer, Derek WA 6 D Advocate  
Carmona, Richard AZ D Veteran
Murphy, Chris CT   D Advocate    
Hirono, Mazie HI   D Advocate    
Donnelly, Joe IN   D Advocate    
Warren, Elizabeth MA   D Military Family    
Stabenow, Debbie MI   D Advocate    
Jon Tester MT   D Advocate    
Heinrich, Martin NM   D Advocate    
Kaine, Tim VA   D Military Family


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