Governance and Membership

VMFP Governance

Our Board of Directors of up to 15 members is elected for two-year terms at each biennial meeting. Members also elect our President; Executive Vice-President, Administrative Vice-President, Treasurer, & Secretary. The President appoints National Committee Chairpersons, Board Liaisons to those committees, and other committee liaisons. Committee Chairs appoint committee members with the review of the President. To read the By-Laws in their entirety click here

VMFP Membership
Veterans, military service members (including active-duty, Guard and Reserve) and family members of active-duty, Guard and Reserve personnel can join the national organization. Annual dues are $35; three-year membership dues are $100. A minimum of 10 members is required to begin a state or local chapter. Chapters may adopt their own by-laws so long as they are in concert with the National VMFP Mission Statement, Statement of Purpose and By-Laws. Chartered affiliates may not endorse federal issues or candidates in conflict with the national positions of the organization. Chapters, however, may adopt or endorse local issues and local or statewide candidates based on the will of their membership.

You can join or renew online using PayPal with any credit card, or you can join by printing and filling out this form and mailing it with your dues to the address on the form.